Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Floating Candles

Create a romantic atmosphere by using these lovely heart shaped floating candles in clear glass bowls. These elegant and simple to make, hand-poured floating candles are great for weddings, anniversaries, or anytime you want to create a special, warm ambiance.

Things you need:
Candle wax compound (or old candles)
Tongs to remove wicks if using old candles
Heart Cookie Cutter
Pre-tabbed Wicks
Petroleum Jelly
Candle-making thermometer
Candle dye
Wooden spoon
Waxed Paper
Unfinished Wood Popsicle Sticks
Double boiler or two pots

Things to do:
1. Wrap masking tape around the edge of side of each cookie cutter. If there are corners of your cookie cutter, cut and then fold the masking tape outward so that the cookie cutter sits flat. Coat each cookie cutter with petroleum jelly and then set aside on wax paper.
2. Place wax compound or old candles in the double boiler along with the thermometer. When the wax is at its melting point according to the thermometer, lower the heat. (Note: if you are using old candles, remove the wicks with a tongs once melted)
3. Add a bit of the dye, stirring it with a wooden spoon. Use the Popsicle sticks to test the color by dipping them into the dyed wax and laying them out on a sheet of wax paper. Adjust color as needed.
4. When color is as desired, remove wax from heat.
5. Pour the wax into each cookie cutter.
6. Carefully lower in the wicks into the center of the molds. The candles should be hardened enough after 1 or 2 hours, after which they can be lifted out by the wicks. If they stick, they can be put into the freezer until they lift out easily.
7. Trim wicks to about 1/4″. Be sure to float the candles before you light them. These candles will burn for about 3 hours.

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