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How to Make a Duck out of Pipe Cleaners – Pipe Cleaner Crafts

pipe_cleaner_duckLearn how to make a duck out of craft pipe cleaners with this simple step-by-step instructional video. This is a perfect kid’s craft!
All you will need for this project is two white pipe cleaners, one orange pipe cleaner, and a pencil.
1. Simply begin with one of the white pipe cleaners and simply coil around it around the pencil, then slide it off the pencil.
2. Now take your orange pipe cleaner and fold it in half, then bend the top of the folded pipe cleaner a bit: this will serve as the beak
3. Next take the orange pipe cleaner and the coiled white pipe cleaner stick the orange pipe cleaner in the white coiled pipe cleaner about two coils down and slide is all the way down so that it make a beak.
4. Take the loose ends of the orange pipe cleaner and bend them to make feet
5. Take the remaining white pipe cleaner and form the wings and attach them to the coiled section of the body. Then have made your duck! You may also use any other colors of craft pipe cleaners and make any bird you wish… let your imagination run wild!

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Adding Josephine Knots to a Hemp Bracelet

If you want to add an intriguing twist to hemp jewelry designs, try your hand at tying Josephine knots. Mix and match them with square knots to create an elaborate focal point, or use this technique from beginning to end to make a hemp bracelet or necklace with a lacy weave.

To make a Josephine knot, begin with two strands of hemp twine.
1. Form one strand (A) into a loop with overlapping tails, and lay atop the other strand (B).
2. Take strand B up and over the lower tail of strand A, and then place under strand A’s upper tail.
3. Slip strand B down and over the loop of strand A.
4. Continue to move strand B down so that it crosses under itself. You are now forming a loop with strand B. At this point, you should be able to see the pretzel shape starting to form.
5. Bring strand B over strand A’s loop to form a loop inside a loop.
6. Pull both strands with even tension to tighten the knot.

For more striking Josephine knots, use four strands (two As and two Bs), or 6 (three As and 3 Bs) and mix-and-match colors. Once you learn the ropes, it’s a cinch to incorporate Josephine knots into your current hemp bracelet and necklace designs.

Photo Credit: Sol-Creations

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