Halloween Glitter Tee

Glitter and Stencils and Black Cats! Oh My! Halloween is just around the corner and with it will come the cooler weather. Squeeze a little bit more life into a few of those summer t-shirts by giving them a Halloween face lift with freezer paper stencils and glitter fabric paint!

You can, of course, use new t-shirts for this project and it’s also a great way to dress up plain onsies for trick or treating. Draw your own image or use online clip art and print right onto the freezer paper by cutting it to 8-1/2″ x 11″ and running it through the printer!

Things you need:
Freezer paper
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Glitter fabric paint
Paint brush

Things to do:
1. Print or draw your image onto a piece of freezer paper. Cut out the image carefully, being sure to hang onto any inside pieces that will need to be ironed on with the main stencil (such as pumpkin eyes!)
2. Center the stencil on your shirt and press with a dry, medium hot iron until the stencil is adhered to the fabric.
3. Dab paint onto the fabric making sure you get in into every part of the stencil. Allow the paint to dry

4. Peel off the freezer paper and set according to the instructions on the pain tube.

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