Fun with Mod Podge: Pretty Decorated Clothespins for all Occassions!

Seriously who needs decorative clothespins right?! Well… you don’t reeaalllyy need them but you may just start going crazy for clothespins after this DIY! These decorative clothespins are super quick, easy to make and you can customize them any way you like. You can use these decorative clothespins for just about anything! You can use the clothespins to hang Christmas cards along your mantle during the holiday season, or hang your favorite photos along a twine roping. These lovely little clothespins can even be used at baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings! Photo credits (pic above): Paper Butterflies

Things you need:
Scrapbook Paper (This could be scraps of paper – just be sure that it is large enough for two sides of a clothespin)
Mod Podge
Small Sponge Brush
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Ribbon (Optional – color and style of your choice of course) or Twine
Magnet Sheet (Optional)
Sandpaper (Optional)
Ink Pad (Optional)
ButtonsRusty Tin CutoutsFlower HeadsFoam CutoutsRhinestones for fun embellishments


Photo credits: Blue Cricket Design

Things to do:
1. This is the best part… choose your paper! This project is all about personal style and preference. You can customize your clothespins any way you wish by simply picking out different patterns of paper. Scrapbooking paper works very well for this clothespin project, especially for those sheets you have been holding back on using because you haven’t found that perfect project yet. You can even use those leftover scraps of paper that you have been saving because you hate to see all that beautiful paper go to waste. Of course this depends on the size of your scraps and the size of your clothespins. You just need enough to cover both sides of your clothespins.
2. Next, lay your choice of paper down on a flat surface and place the clothespins on it. Carefully trace your clothespins with a pencil and do this several times. You will need two strips of paper per clothespin. So trace away! Once you have enough strips traced, cut them out. Do this carefully so all the sides are nice and even and that you don’t have jagged edges.
3. Pour a little of your mod podge onto a paper plate or something like that for easy dipping access. While holding your clothespin by the metal spring, paint on a light coat of your mod podge on each side of the clothespin. Place your strips on paper on each side of the clothespin carefully. Set aside and let dry. Repeat this process until you have covered all the clothespins you wish for your project.
4. If there are edges of the paper that seem to hang off the clothespins, no worries! Once your clothespins have completely dried, lightly sand the edges of your clothespins to sand away that unwanted paper. Sand the edges more to round the corners to add more of a distressed look to your clothespins. You could also apply a small amount of ink around the sanded edges for more of a vintage worn look. Allow to dry.
5. Once your clothespins have been sanded, add another light layers of mod podge over the paper. Set the clothespins on their sides and let dry. Repeat this process until all clothespins have been covered with a second coat of mod podge.
6. Now its time to get wild! You can leave the clothespins as they are with just the decorated paper. You could add a small ribbon to match the paper for a little extra umpf in your clothespins. You could also try mixing and matching buttons of any size or shape. Then gluing them to your clothespins for some fun flare. You could also use rhinestones, small flowers, foam cutouts or even rusty tin cutouts!


Photo credits: Your Home Based Mom

Project Tips:
You should be careful on the pattern you choose for your clothespins. Remember a large pattern may not look as good if you are using it on a small surface like your clothespins.

These lovely little clothespins would make a perfect gift for that person in your life with tons of photos laying around. You can display your photos onto a “clothesline” using a piece of ribbon and clipping the photos onto the line with your clothespins!

You could also add a small magnet strip onto the back of your clothespins and use them for displaying precious art work, shopping list, grade cards, and photos onto the fridge. Simply add the small magnet strip to the back using a dab of hot glue. Be sure that you get those nasty little hot glue tails for a more professional and nicer look.

You can use the same clothesline concept for displaying cards along your mantle during those holiday seasons. Using different themed paper, you could create a clothesline for just about anything. You could choose a color theme for a baby shower and hang baby related items such as little onesies with your clothespins. Once again, change the paper to create a completely different clothesline for Thanksgiving, creating a “Thankful Line”. You could hang pictures, words, or items that you are thankful. This would be a wonderful family project!

Decorative clothespins can be used for weddings as well. As with the baby shower, you can use the same idea for a bridal shower, hanging bridal shower items such as recipes with the clothespins. Decorative clothespins can also be used for a unique placecard holder, adding a special handmade touch. The clothespin placecard holders can be set among the table settings or they can hang from a line. You could also try a new spin on the guestbook idea by creating a wishing line! Set a stack of decorative paper or cards on a table. Have your guest write a special message and sign their name. They can then hang their wish on the line using the clothespins! This would also be a perfect idea for baby and bridal showers.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that the clothes pins are sooo cute. I have a yahoo store. Things of this nature would be really nice on it. Any info of wholesalers?

    1. I love to make these! I sell them at craft shows. It’s also a great gift for students!!

  2. Hello Julie!
    These clothes pins are one of my favorite projects and they can be used for pretty much about anything or any special occasion. Love your store by the way… lots and lots of cute things! Unfortunately we do not sell these clothes pins finished but we do carry a lot of the supplies is you look under the section of “things you need” and the items we carry are highlighted in red. Just click on those links and they will send you to the items you are interested in. We also have a wholesale program available if you are interested. Just go to our site at and the link will be in the top right hand corner. Click on that and follow the directions. I hope you’re having a fabulous week! Best of luck with your beautiful store!

  3. I love making these decorated clothespin…keep coming up with new ideas all the time. I sell them in my booth and they have gone over quite well. Thanks so much for the idea…I have passed it on to my niece and shes excited over making them!

    1. You could make these with very little supplies and time but if you would like to buy them instead, I would suggest trying to search in Etsy. Many people make these little craft projects and sell them on there! Good luck finding what youre looking for! Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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