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DIY Rustic Rope Word Art

Twist different kinds of rope and string into different words to say exactly what you need to say. This DIY is fun for all ages and leaves you with a really cool product that can be displayed alone, or incorporated into another project.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 15 Minutes
Age range: 8 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Fabric stiffener
Dowel rod
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Pine roping *optional

Things to do:
1. Before you start, prep for the project by spreading a piece of wax paper and filling a bowl with fabric stiffener.

2. Coil your rope and place it in the bowl of fabric stiffener. Use your hands to spread it around, covering the rope evenly.

3. When your rope is saturated, remove it from the bowl and mold it into a word on your piece of wax paper.
4. When you get a shape you like, apply another layer of fabric stiffener to the rope.

5. Let the rope word sit overnight, or until completely dry.

6. When the word is dry, pull the rope off of the wax paper.

Optional Display:
1. Apply a drop of hot glue to the top of a dowel and secure it to the bottom of the word.

2. Use hot glue to secure the connecting points between the letters in the word.
3. Wrap a piece of mini garland around the dowel and display your creation!

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