DIY Polka Dot Kraft Paper Wrapping

Wrapping with simple, clean, unadorned craft paper is a standby at my house. I’ve always got a roll on hand and since it’s not holiday or occasion specific, it’s great for any occasion. But best of all, it’s a blank canvas for decorations, and these polka dots couldn’t be cuter. It’s easiest to go ahead and wrap your package first, so you know exactly where the polka dots should go. Writing the to and from right on the package in matching pen gives the gift the perfect finishing touch.

Things you’ll need:
Craft paper wrapped gift
Pencil with unused eraser
White acrylic paint
Lid or plate

Things to do:
1. Squeeze out a teaspoon or so of paint onto the lid or plate.
2. Dab the end of the eraser into the paint, test out the polka dots on the edge of the plate and adjust the paint as necessary.
3. Dot paint onto the craft paper, either in a random or regular pattern.

4. Allow the paint to dry before giving.

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