Cork Coasters

I’m an obsessive coaster user, my furniture isn’t fancy enough for that, but I do like to use them now and then and try to keep some around for myself and my guests. These cork coasters are a snap to make and are excellent at insulating against both hot and cold. Plus they can be customized to whatever style you like. Try using stamps instead of gel pens to decorate, or paint them entirely with craft paint.

Things you’ll need:
Sheet cork
Cup or glass
Gel pens
Clear coat spray (optional)

Thing to do:
1. Trace your cup or glass onto the cork to make as many circles as you want coasters.

2. Carefully cut out the circles using your scissors.
3. Decorate with gel pens to create a pattern or saying on your coasters.

4. Once the ink dries, spray lightly with clear coat to protect the ink. Allow the clear coat to dry completely before using.

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