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Bleach Pen T-shirt

I have to admit, I’ve always had a sort of fear of bleach. I tend to use it only when absolutely necessary and even then only when wearing my oldest work clothes just in case. I’m terrified of ruining something that I love. But this project might just have changed my mind. Now instead of ruining my favorites, I’m thinking of making things into my favorites with this technique. Starting with a boring black t-shirt.

Things you’ll need:
T-shirt (dark colors are best)
Bleach pen
Wax paper
Access to warm soapy water
A design in mind to use

Things to do:
1. Start by lining the inside of the shirt with way paper. Make sure you get it far enough in to back every part of the shirt you will be bleaching. This will prevent the bleach from bleeding thought to the back of the shirt.
2. Using the fine tip of the bleach pen, carefully draw your chosen. You can write words, symbols or just free hand, whatever you like.
3. Allow the beach to sit until the color has faded as much as you want. You can check the back side of the shirt for an accurate view of how much fading has taken place.
4. Rinse the bleach off of the shirt in warm soapy water, being careful not to splash the bleachy water on your clothes.
5. Once the bleach is removed, run the shirt thought the washer and dryer to remove any remaining traces of the bleach. You can layer the look by repeating the process, adding more details, after the shirt is dry. (This is also fun on jeans!)

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