Make Your Own Tart Pan Pincushion

These little tart pan pincushions are so sweet and lovely, any seamstress would love one. Vary the size according to the pan or make a set of them in different sizes for different kinds of pins and needles and add pretty vintage buttons to suit the tastes of the sewer or to complement a sewing room’s color and style. Your favorite seamstress will love them and you for making them!

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 20 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Tart pan
Gray felt or other color of your choice
Needle and thread

Things to do:
1. Trace your pan onto the back side of the felt and cut a circle out that is twice as big as the shape you traced.

2. Using your needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle.

3. Pull the thread to tighten slightly, then add stuffing and pull the thread to close. Tie of to secure it and create a dense puffball of a shape.

4. Sew a button to the top of the cushion, pulling the thread straight through to draw the button down and create a slight indentation in the fabric. Tie off on the underside.

5. Glue the cushion into the bottom of the tart pan and weigh down to make sure it is well adhered. Allow the glue to dry before using!

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