Recycled Tin Wall Lamps

I love to find uses for the things that would normally go into my recycling bin and these little tin lights are the perfect use for the cat food tins that have been piling up, plus they light up one of the darker corners of my apartment.

Things you’ll need:
Cat food or tuna tins, cleaned and labels removed
Craft glue
Lightweight scrapbook paper
Paper trimmer
Tealight candles or LED battery operated tealights

Things to do:
1. Measure the distance between the top lip of the tin and the bottom edge and cut your paper into strips of this width.
2. Spread glue around the sides of the tins and smooth paper down, trimming as needed. Turn upside down and allow the glue to dry completely.
3. Push the thumbtacks through the bottom of the tin near the edge and press firmly into the wall. The thumbtack will be hidden by the tea light.
4. Set a tea light inside and light.*

**Never leave candles unattended. Use good sense around open flames. If you are uncomfortable using open flames, you could also consider using LED battery operated tealights

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