How to make a Pinwheel Pattern Potholder

The pinwheel pattern is a great way to highlight favorite colors in a dynamic, graphic way. While the pattern produced a complex finished project, the weaving is very simple and makes a great introductory project. A perfect pattern to use for gifts kids can make themselves, the pinwheel would be much appreciated by anyone lucky enough to get one.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 10 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Two colors of cotton loops
Potholder loom and hook

Things to do:
1. Lay out the warp, the up and down direction of your loom, in the following pattern: AABBAABBAABBAABBAA.

2. Weave the weft, the side to side direction of your loom in the following pattern: BBAABBAABBAABBAABB.

3. Using your hook, slip two loops off the loop and onto the hook. Pull the bottom loop up over the top loop and over the end of the hook.

4. Leaving the loop on, slip the next loop onto the hook and again pull the lower loop up and over the end of the hook. Repeat until you have reached the last loop. Pull firmly through to create the hanging loop.

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