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Lace Watercolor Paintings

Lace is indisputably beautiful, but it might not quite fit your style if you tend toward the more modern. Here’s a way to bring lace into your decor in a decidedly unfussy and, depending on your color choices, a pretty funky, way.

Things you’ll need:
Painting canvas
Clear coat spray
Watercolor paints
Painters tape

Things to do:
1. Wrap the lace around your canvas, positioning it so that you have a nice pattern displayed over the surface. Securely tape the lace on the back side to keep it from shifting as you work.

2. Spray a generous coat of clear coat directly down onto your lace and canvas. You don’t want the spray to come at an angle if at all possible, this will help create a sharper edge to the end result.

3. Allow the lace to dry without shifting it. Once the clear coat is dry, remove the tape and lace.

4. Apply watercolors onto the canvas, the areas that the clear coat penetrated through the lace will resist the paint while the canvas will absorb it, creating a colorful reverse impression of the lace.

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