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Heat Transfer Sweater

Every morning I get up with my kids, throw on some yoga pants, a tee and a zip up running jacket and head out to the bus. Which is all very well and good. Warm, comfortable, the perfect way to start my day. But oh, so boring. The jacket in particular. Because soft and comfy as it may be, it’s pretty darn plain. And who wants to start the day off feeling plain, right? Well heat transfer to the rescue. If you don’t have a digital cutter, you’ll want to stick with larger shapes since you’ll be hand cutting, but don’t let that scare you off. Grab some scissors and a design you like and get to work. If you do have a digital cutter, well, the sky’s the limit on how intricate you go.

Things you’ll need:
Heat transfer material (like freezer paper)
Scissors or digital cutter
Plain cotton or spandex sweater
Pressing cloth
Ironing board

Things to do:
1. Start by cutting out the pattern of your choice. Think about using things that wrap around for more interest, use the sleeves or the collar, Get creative and get cutting!
2. Give the whole sweater an initial pressing to make sure the surface is smooth (start with a clean sweater too!)
3. Peel off and arrange the image on your sweater and carefully lay the pressing cloth on top.
4. With your iron set according to the directions on the packaging, press the image on one section at a time until you have the whole thing covered.

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