DIY Natural Orange Peel Garland

Pretty and scented, this orange peel garland is a lovely addition to your holiday decor that will add a holiday feel and smell to your rooms! Look for thick rinded oranges for the best results, this will allow you to have more room for threading and will be less likely to curl as they dry. One orange will make approximately 1 foot of garland depending on which cookie cutter you use.

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Time required: 20 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Paring knife
Small cookie cutters
Green thread or embroidery floss

Things to do:
1. Using your paring knife, score the peel of the orange into quarter to allow for easy peeling that doesn’t tear.

2. Cut the ends of each peel wedge with several slits. This will help the peel lie flat without breaking.

3. Press your cookie cutter into the peel, cutting out as many shapes as you can fit on each segment of peel.

4. Once you have all your shapes cut, thread your needle with just a bit more thread or floss than you want in length for the garland.
5. Stitch through the middle of the pith of the orange so the thread cannot be seen from the peel or pith side of each shape.

6. When all the shapes are threaded on, space them out evenly, tie loops at each end and hang.

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