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Bell and Bead Snowflake

Snowflakes. Really, is anything prettier in this world? They typify winter, no matter your religious preferences or holiday traditions; snowflakes are the essence of winter. Which makes them perfect for stringing around your house, tree, window, wherever you need a little extra cheer. These bead and bell beauties can be changed to suit your color scheme and style. Here they have a rustic feel with cheerful red beads and rusty bells, but change it up with smaller and larger bells, crystal beads and shiny silver bells, whatever you like.

Things you need:
18 jingle bells
25 beads, slightly smaller than the bells
16-gauge wire
Multi tool or needle nose pliers and wire cutters
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Cut 6 8-inch lengths of wire and cross them in the center to form a snowflake shape. Twist to hold them together.
2. On one leg of the snowflake bead two beads, two bells (pulled side by side) and two more beads. Finish off with a final bell and, after working everything down toward the center to a tight fit, trim the wire to 1/4 inch and bend it around the shank of the final bell to hold it in place.
3. Continue with each leg until all are filled with beads and bells. Adjust the wire to make a nice even snowflake.
4. Glue one bead in the very center of the snowflake to cover the join.
5. Clip a 2-inch piece of wire and loop through the back of the join or under one of the end jingle bells to make a small hanging loop. Trim off any excess wire and hang!

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