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Fall Crafts

Felted Acorns Felted Acorns

Fall, in our house, has always meant acorns. My kids love to collect them by the... 

Glitter Leaf Ornaments Glitter Leaf Ornaments

Add a little glitz and glitter to your holiday display with some sparkly leaves!... 

Easy Paper Turkey Napkin Holders Easy Paper Turkey Napkin Holders

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and in our house we have a tradition of... 

DIY Kid Friendly Magical Hand Sanitizer DIY Kid Friendly Magical Hand Sanitizer

It’s that time of year. Yep, cold season. I’ve got little ones running... 

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Kid's Arts and Crafts

Clothespin Mermaids Clothespin Mermaids

I don’t know very many kids who aren’t fascinated by mermaids and for... 

Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks

I have a pair of little scribblers here in my house. Always writing notes, drawing... 

DIY Alphabet Magnets DIY Alphabet Magnets

My kids love alphabet magnets, even though they are long past learning their ABC’s.... 

Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks

We play a lot of cards in our family and, inevitably, we have ended up, over the... 

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General Crafts

How to Make Acorn Cap Teacups How to Make Acorn Cap Teacups

Perfect for a fairy tea party, these little acorn cap tea cups would delight any magical creature and are sure to attract fairies to your garden in droves! While here we’ve painted the insides of the teacups gold to mimic fancy, antique tea sets, you could paint them whatever color your fairies would like! Difficulty level: Easy Time required: 10... [Read more]

DIY Robin’s Nest for a Fairy Garden DIY Robin’s Nest for a Fairy Garden

Fairies are, of course, great lovers of nature. And there’s nothing more they would love in their magical little fairy gardens than birdsong while they dance and play! SO they would love to see little birds nests in the trees of their gardens! This sweet little birds nest will be perfect for your fairy garden and you can alter the color of the... [Read more]

Faux Hammered Metal Letters Faux Hammered Metal Letters

I have a serious weakness for industrial chic decor. It satisfies my love of old things while keeping my house from looking to fussy or formal. SO I’ve been collecting things over the years that fit into that style, but the more popular the looks gets, the more expensive pieces become, so faux industrial chic projects are tops in my book! This project... [Read more]

Acorn Cap Fairy Toadstools Acorn Cap Fairy Toadstools

The key to a really great fairy garden, the kind of fairy garden that is sure to lure the very best of the backyard fairies, is the details. It’s all those little things that make fairy gardens truly magical and the more detail the better. These cute little toadstools are perfect for indoor or outdoor fairy gardens (make sure you seal them if they... [Read more]

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