DIY Patriotic Wind Sock

“Fly” this festive patriotic wind sock inside or outside. Try using many different red, white and blue ribbons for various textures. This is an easy project that your kids can help with, and it’s a great way to decorate the yard for Flag Day or Fourth of July.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time to complete: 30 minutes
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Gold ring
Red ribbon
Blue ribbon
White ribbon
White twine


Things to do:
1. Cut all of your ribbons out to 10-15 inches long.
2. Wrap the first ribbon around the gold metal craft ring and glue the wrapped part to the back of the ribbon.
3. Repeat with other ribbons.
4. Continue adding ribbons as desired. You can add as many or as few as you’d like.
5. Tie four pieces of twine on four sides of the circle. The twine should be about 12-12 inches long.
6. Gather the ends and tie these all together for hanging your patriotic ribbon wind sock.

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How to Make a Simple Boutique Ribbon Hair Bow

There’s nothing quite like a large boutique-style hair bow on any young girl. During wedding season, folding these bows in satin ribbon to match the wedding party will be the perfect accessory for that special occasion!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
1 1/2 “-wide ribbon (grosgrain or satin), as well as narrow, matching ribbon
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Needle with large eye
Perle cotton thread
Bobby pin or pinch clip to help hold the ribbon while making loops
Lighter or wood burning tool *optional


Things to do:
1. Before starting, thread your needle and knot one end. Set aside. Cut a piece of ribbon to 30-32″ long. Seal the ends with a lighter or wood burning tool, to prevent fraying. Fold each end about an inch, and make a crease.
2. Fold the ribbon in half and then in half again, making more creases. Open up the ribbon.
3. Loop the left side of the ribbon up to the first crease. Hold in place with the pin or clip.
4. Repeat with the right side. Be careful to make sure you don’t twist the ribbon in either loop – the front should always be showing.
5. This loop is the most challenging! Loop the ribbon as shown, taking care not to twist it.
6. Place it the tail of this loop behind the first two loops that made up the bottom of the bow.
7. This is what the third loop looks like from the back. Keep the tail horizontal to the first two loops, as shown.
8. Fold the final loop downward, as shown. Again, take care not to twist the ribbon.
9. Pick up your needle and thread and insert it from the back of the bow.
10. Bring the thread around the top of the bow, then fold the middle like an accordion. This will be difficult the first time you try it, but after some practice your muscle memory will kick in for future bows!
11. Wrap the thread around a couple of times and tie off in the back. Clip.
12. Cut your narrow ribbon to about 2″. Warm up your hot glue gun.
13. Wrap the narrow ribbon around the center and glue in place. Glue the bow to the top of a barrette.

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Upcycle Old Wine Bottles into Candleholders Tutorial

This elegant upcycle project will transform your old wine bottles into beautiful pieces of decor for your table or shelves. Grab your spray paint and a few candles and let’s get started!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 30 Minutes
Age range: 12 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Glass bottles
Gold spray paint
Taper candles

Things to do:
1. Shake your metallic gold spray paint and spray a thin, even layer over one side of the bottle. Let it dry completely.
2. Flip the bottle and spray the other side. If you missed any patches when you sprayed it the first time, cover them now. Let the paint dry completely.
3. The next step is adding wax to your wine bottle. This will create an elegant, vintage look. Light your candle and hold it horizontally over the top of the bottle. The wax will drip down the neck of the bottle, adding color and dimension. Be careful to keep the flame a safe distance away from the spray paint.
4. Place your candle in the top of your wine bottle and enjoy!

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DIY Vintage-Inspired Knob Jewelry Display

Keep your favorite accessories organized in style with this simple jewelry holder DIY. This adorable wall display only takes a few minutes to make and looks lovely hanging on your wall.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 10 Minutes
Age range: 13 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Wooden plaques
Various glass knobs
Metal picture hangers

Things to do:
1. Use a ruler to find the center of your wooden plaque. Mark it with a pencil.
2. Using your pencil mark for guidance, drill a hole on the center of your wooden plaque.
3. Use a hammer to pound a metal picture hanger into the back of your wooden plaque.
4. Screw your glass knob into the hole you drilled. If your hole is too big, you can add a drop of glue to hold it securely in place.
5. Display your jewelry and enjoy!

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DIY Felt Wine Glass Charm Covers

DIY_Felt_Wine_Glass_Charm_Covers_mainIt’s so easy to mix up wine and champagne glasses during a party or special event. Try these quirky wine glass charms in foam and felt – they’re sure to be conversation pieces!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Black felt sheet
Narrow ribbon
White craft foam
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Needle and thread


Things to do:
1. Trace onto and cut your craft foam the same size as the bottom of the glass.
2. Fold in half twice to find the middle. Cut a slit to the middle, and cut a small circle or diamond to accommodate the stem of the wine glass.
3. Cut two pieces of black felt into the shapes shown – make sure the curve is the same curve as that of the foam. Warm up your hot glue gun.
4. Glue the two pieces of felt onto the foam as shown.
5. Cut the ribbon to about 3″ long. Thread your needle and knot one end.
6. Fold the ends toward the center and insert the needle into the back of the bow, then wrap it around the center a few times.
7. Tie the thread off in the back and clip.
8. Glue the bow above the center hole on the foam.

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DIY Decorative Starburst Mirror

This starburst mirror looks lovely displayed on a gallery wall or on a tabletop as a centerpiece. Make several with different patterns and use them to tie your decor together flawlessly.

Things you’ll need:
Popsicle sticks with adhesive
Gold spray paint

Things to do:
1. The first step is spray-painting your popsicle sticks. Place your popsicle sticks on a piece of newspaper and apply a thin, even layer. Let the paint dry completely.
2. Flip the popsicle sticks and paint the other side. Let the paint dry completely.
3. Remove the foam pieces from the back of your mirror.
4. Peel back the adhesive strip on the popsicle sticks and start attaching them to the back of your mirror. Use the adhesive as a guide to make sure they’re attached evenly.

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Red White and Blue Americana Blocks Tutorial

Liven up your patio or deck with this red, white and blue patriotic block decor! You can add as many stars as you’d like, and the addition of the flag makes this perfect for the summer holidays!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time to complete: 1-2 hours (includes drying time)
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Blue acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
American flag
Paint brush
3 – large wood cubes
Wood star cutouts
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks


Things to do:
1. Paint your blocks red, white and blue. Allow to dry.
2. Paint as many stars as you’d like, and allow to dry. Warm up your hot glue gun.
3. Use hot glue to adhere the cutouts to the blocks.
4. Glue the blocks together with hot glue as shown.
5. Glue the flag to the back.

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How to Make a Popsicle Stick Marble Run Tutorial

When the rain pours and the “I’m bored” comments come tumbling out of your kids’ mouths, it’s time to get them involved in a project! Plan and create this popsicle stick marble run with your kids, and let them enjoy it when you’re finished.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to complete: 30-45 minutes
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Shoebox lid


Things to do:
1. First you’ll need to cut several sticks in half. I did this by finding the half-way point, drawing a line on both sides, then scoring the stick with scissors on the front and back.
2. Soon you’ll be able to easily snap those sticks in half.
3. Next, plan your marble run with a couple of entry points and one exit point. Make sure the “lanes” are wide enough for your marble or rubber ball, and create some twists and turns so it’s not too easy.
4. Once you’ve planned the marble run, warm up your hot glue gun. Keep the sticks in place, but when gluing, turn each up on on its edge and glue in place in the lid.

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Photo to Wood Transfer Tutorial

This technique tutorial will teach you how to transfer your favorite photographs to any wooden surface. Grab your Mod Podge and let’s get started!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to complete: 1 Hour
Age range: 12 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Photo **printed on a laser printer
Wooden plaque
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Plastic card

Things to do:
1. The first step is printing your photos. You’ll need to take your images to an office supply store and have them printed by a laser printer on regular computer paper (Your ink jet at home won’t transfer!) If you have an image with text, remember to reverse the image before printing because your transfer will be a mirror reflection of the photograph.
2. Next, trim your image down to size. Place your wooden plaque on top of the image and trace around the edge. Cut out the shape with scissors.
3. Use a foam brush to apply a thick, even layer of Mod Podge to the surface of the image.
4. Place the image Mod Podge side down on your wooden plaque.
5. Run a plastic card across the surface to remove any air bubbles. Wipe up any excess Mod Podge with a rag.
6. Let the image dry for 24 hours.
7. Soak a rag in warm water and lay it on your wooden plaques. The water will dampen the paper and make it easier to remove. Let the rag sit for 5 minutes.
8. Peel back as much of the paper as your can, revealing your transferred image! To get all of the paper off, dip your fingers in water and scrub the surface in a circular motion. Be careful not to press to hard or you’ll remove bits and pieces of your image.
9. Set your plaque aside to dry.
10. When the image has dried completely, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the surface.

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DIY Flower Girl Veil

Summer wedding season is approaching and junior bridesmaids and flower girls look so cute with miniature veils. Don’t buy one – they’re expensive! Instead, make your own with a bit of tulle and some ribbon and beads. This flower girl veil is also perfect as a communion veil.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to complete: 1 hour
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Wide tulle netting
White ribbon
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Needle and thread
Sewing machine


Things to do:
1. If hand-sewing, thread your needle and knot the end. If using a machine, load it with white thread in the top and bobbin. Cut your tulle to the length desired, then fold it like a fan along the shorter edge, making it the same width as your barrette.
2. Sew the netting along the folds, keeping it in place.
3. This is what the end will look like after sewing. Warm up your hot glue gun.
4. Glue the tulle to the top of the barrette.
5. Cut your white ribbon to 6-7 inches long.
6. Fold the ribbon so the ends overlap in the middle.
7. Poke the needle into the back of the ribbon as shown.
8. Pinch the center of the bow and wrap the thread around it a few times. Knot and clip the thread in the back.
9. Glue beads to the center of the bow as desired.

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