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DIY Coffin-tastic Display or Treat Package for Halloween

Elevate your Halloween decoration and treat package 🦇 🍬

Let’s get your spooky on with this coffin-tastically display for your Halloween decor! This is a great piece to set along with your other decorations or fill with your favorite goodies for those Halloween parties! Such a FUN and SIMPLE craft!

Needed supplies:

Shop the needed material here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1: Applying the Paint

Apply a layer of black apple barrel paint inside and outside of the coffin.

Once you get to the lid, you will just paint the sides and the inside of it black as well.

I wanted to give the top of the coffin more dimension. I applied a purple color down on the surface of the coffin lid. Once this dried completely, i then applied a thin layer of crackle medium.

I let that set and dry for a good hour. Came back and applied a thin coat of black paint onto. Here is where the magic was suppose to happen. 😝 … The crackling did have an affect but not as much as i would of liked. With this i came in with a baby wipe to help wipe up some black to really have some purple shine through.

Step 2: Add the Decorations

I found a great size dollhouse picture frame to add on top of the coffin lid to really add that spooktacular effect to this craft. The gold was a little much, so i came in with a small amount of black and added a very thin layer. Enough to really just cover the surface.

Once this was dry, i came in with a multi surface glue and hot glue gun to adhere this in the top center of the coffin.

Step 3: Make the webbing

This is where the fun came in. I really was having a hard to time finding accessories that would bring this piece together besides the bats.

Looked around and found a dry piece of baby wipe next to me. I started pulling it apart, and just like that i had my spider webs! It worked wonders!!

I placed my webbing in the areas I desired. Took mod podge and was able to glue them into place!

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DIY Wooden Paint Stick Jack the Skeleton

This time of the year, there is just one skeleton that makes it feel like Halloween – Jack from Nightmare before Christmas! Such a easy craft for all ages. This can be used as a door hanger, shelf sitter, added to a wreath or swag – Whatever your heart desires!

Difficulty level:Beginner
Time to complete: 25 minutes

Needed supplies:

Shop the needed material here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1: Build the frame

Start by arranging five paint sticks in a straight line, ensuring they are aligned.

Next, take two stir sticks that have been cut to match the width of the paint sticks and position them horizontally across the row.

Apply a line of multi-purpose glue along the center of the horizontal sticks, followed by quickly encircling it with a hot glue gun. This will securely bond and create a great connection. I did this on the top and bottom.

Once step one is dry, flip over. This side will be the front on the Skeleton face.

You will take another stir stick and cut to match the bottom width of the frame, positioning it horizontally across the row.

Step 2: Creating the Hat

Take 2 more paint sticks – this will end up creating the slanted hat at the top. When you have them slanted, this will help cover up the grooves at the top of the paint sticks.

Trim these two stir sticks just before they curve into the top handle, ensuring they are of equal length. Apply a line of multi-purpose glue along the center of these horizontal sticks, then quickly encircling it with a hot glue gun once more.

Step 3: Painting

Cover the vertical stir sticks with a layer of white paint. Then on the horizontal sticks, these will be painted with a black paint.

Step 4: Drawing the face

Here is where the fun comes. Creating Jack the Skeletons face. Now to help me figure out the spacing for all the facial features, i came in drawing it out with a pencil. Drawing the slanted oval eyes, nose, and the stitched mouth.

Come back through with the black paint and color in the areas.

Tip: My fine tip paint brush bristles were sticking all over the place. I came in and put a thin layer of vaseline to the bristles. This kept them held together to get cleaner lines.

Can’t be Jack the Skeleton without his bat bow tie. Draw on your bow tie to help get the desired look. Once happy come in with the black paint and fill in. You can always come back and erase the lines if they show.

Here is the finished look! How cute… i mean spooky is jack?! I just love him so much. He can be added to a shelf, mantle, wreath, or swag – He will sure not let you down on the fun display added to your Halloween decor.

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