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Twine Wrapped Bouquet

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Twine Wrapped Bouquet Twine Wrapped Bouquet
This simple but elegant wrapping is the perfect way to display a bouquet of flowers. Ideal for spring bunches or rustic bouquets twine shows off the beauty of the buds without overpowering them with fancy ribbons or ties.

Things you’ll need:
Bunch of flowers
Hemp twine

Things to do:
1. Pull out a twelve-inch length of twine from the ball and run it so that the raw end is up with the blossoms. Determine how much of the stems you want wrapped before you begin.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet2 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
2. Begin to wrap the stems, keeping the twine tight enough to stay put but not so tight that they strangle the flowers. Wrap over the long tail as you go.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet3 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
3. When you have wrapped half the amount you want to, flip the tail down so that the free end is hanging away from the blossoms. Continue wrapping all the way up.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet4 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
4. Tie off and trim, tucking the end into the wrapping. Use the free tail, which should be at the halfway point of the wrapping and use to tie a bow at the front.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet5 Twine Wrapped Bouquet


One Response to “Twine Wrapped Bouquet”
  1. houseblessings says:

    Ive used this method for staking tree roses in my garden.

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