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Egg Crate Succulent Garden

Egg Crate Succulent Garden Egg Crate Succulent Garden
This pretty little tabletop garden brings a little green and cool indoors on these hot afternoons. Look for large egg crates that hold several dozen eggs at the grocery store or keep an eye out for the porcelain version for a more permanent display.

Things you’ll need:
Large style egg crate
Small succulents
Decorative rocks

Things to do:
1. Tease apart the roots of the succulents so that you have a smaller root ball.
2. Fill roughly ¾ of the egg indentations ½ way up with soil and nestle a succulent into each, filling in more soil as needed
3. Add decorative stones to the remaining indentations and lightly water all of the plants. Do not water again until the soil is completely dry and then only sparingly.
Egg Crate Succulent Garden2 Egg Crate Succulent Garden

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