How to Make a Simple Braided Hemp Bracelet

Making hemp jewelry is a fun, creative, and inexpensive way to add to your bracelet collection without impacting the environment. Once you learn the ropes,” you can make bracelets that are as simple or elaborate as you like, and can even create your own signature designs to share with family and friends. If you’re new to hemp bracelet making, a great technique to start with is the basic braid:

To make a hemp twine simple braided bracelet, cut one length of hemp approximately five times the length you want the finished bracelet to be (Strand A), and a second length of twine that’s twice as long as the first (Strand B).

1. Fold Strand B in half to form a loop. Wrap the end of Strand A around the loop and tie with a simple knot. Pull the knot tightly, and then snip off the single strand. You now have three strands to work with.
2. Tape the looped end to a flat surface or secure it to your jeans with a safety pin.
3. Braid the bracelet by pulling strands over the center, alternating from left to right. Continue braiding until your bracelet reaches the desired length.
4. Slip a bead or button over at least one strand of hemp cord and slide so that it’s snug against the braid. Tie on the button or bead with a simple knot and trim excess pieces. To secure the bracelet to your wrist, just slip the button through the loop on the other end.

Braided bracelets are one of the simplest designs to master. After you’ve made a few using a traditional three-strand braid, try your hand at braiding several lengths (just use multiples of 3) together or experimenting with different colored strands. Have fun sharing these unique, handcrafted bracelets with family and friends.

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