Little Ribbon Bookmarks

While my kids like to have big book marks to mark their spots and to help them follow along as they read, I prefer something small for my own reading materials. And also something that wont just fall out when my book (inevitably) falls to the floor as I rush off to clean up spilled milk or to find a lost doll. Which makes these little bookmarks perfect. Pretty, simple and a great way to use up scraps from other projects, they are my new favorite little thing.

Things you’ll need:
Ribbon scraps
Square paper clips
Sewing machine and thread

Things to do:
1. Loop the ribbon through the wider end of the clip and fold over on itself.
2. Stitch about 1/4 inch up from the end of the clip, backstitching to lock the stitches.
3. Trim the threads and then the ribbon at opposite angles. Clip in place and flip the ribbon up or down as you please.

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  1. Okay, the book mark is a wonderful idea, cute and simple! But, Im more interested in the book youre marking!! What is it?? Want one!