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DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

January 17, 2013 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

Plaster Hand Jewelry Display DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display
While I’m not a big jewelry girl, I definitely have that classic box of mixed up necklaces, bracelets and rings that I have to dig through every time I feel in the mood for some bling. This plaster hand is helping me get a better grip on that mess, displaying my favorite items in a fun and interesting way.

Things you’ll need:
Rubber glove
Half Gallon Mason Jar with ring
Plaster of Paris
Disposable container for mixing

Things to do:
1. Fold the cuff of the glove over the mouth of the jar so that the glove hangs down into the jar, not touching the bottom or sides. Screw the ring on to secure it. Be sure that the glove, when filled and hard, will pull easily out of the jar.
Plaster Hand Jewelry Display2 DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display
2. Mix the plaster according to the package directions. Remember that plaster sets quickly, so you’ll need to have the glove ready to go before you mix.
3. Pour the plaster into the glove until it comes about halfway up the wrist.
4. Shake the jar slightly to create a flat surface at the top of the wrist. Allow the plaster to harden almost completely.
5. Remove the glove from the hand and sand any flaws gently with fine sand paper or just rub with your thumb to smooth any edges.
Plaster Hand Jewelry Display3 DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display
Plaster Hand Jewelry Display4 DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display
6. Set hand up on a flat surface where you want to display your jewelry.


6 Responses to “DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display”
  1. C.K. says:

    Too Cool !!!! I Love It !!!!

  2. chewy says:

    How does the hand fit out of the mouth of the jar?

    • For this specific project, we used a wide mouth jar. You can carefully place your hand in such a way that it would not be difficult getting out of the jar. I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Happy crafting!

  3. Cecelia Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this I am just trying to get my show on da road with my church womans group wanted them to see some of what do boy this is just in time love it off I go

  4. You-know-who says:

    This is brilliant! I will totally do this! D

  5. Jacquie bee says:

    I am doing this Ive been looking at yard sales and junk shops forHands and behold I can make my own yay !

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