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Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls

April 12, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls
Decorative balls of twine have long been a staple of nautical and natural d├ęcor. Simple to make with just a few materials, it’s hard to stop with just one!

Things you’ll need:
Hemp twine
Styrofoam balls
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Working on a covered surface, dab a generous amount of glue onto the ball and splay out the end of the twine slightly to help give it an even start.
2. Pulling the glue out with your fingers, twist the ball with your free hand and start the twine spiraling tightly around the ball.
Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls2 Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls
3. Continue to add glue in a zig zag pattern, and wrap the twine, pulling each row tight up against the last until you have reached the opposite tip of the ball.
Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls3 Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls
4. Trim the twine and glue down the end. Allow the glue to dry before displaying.
Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls4 Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls
Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls5 Decorative Twine Styrofoam Balls

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