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DIY Glitter Wrapped Bubble Favors

Glitter Bubble Favors DIY Glitter Wrapped Bubble Favors
Who doesn’t love bubble? And who doesn’t love glitter? Pair them up with these cute glitter wrapped bubbles and everyone will be happy. Perfect for party favors, class gifts or just an everyday lift, these are quick and easy to make and oh so adorable!

Time required: 5 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Things you’ll need:
Mini Bubble Favors
Double sided tape

Things to do:
1. Cut a length of tape that is slightly longer than the bubble bottle was around.
2. Wrap the tape around the bottle, lining up the edges where they overlap to make a solid straight band all the way around.
Glitter Bubble Favors2 DIY Glitter Wrapped Bubble Favors
3. Pour a generous amount of glitter onto the tape, turning the bottle as you go so the glitter covers the tape all the way around. Press gently to push the glitter firmly into the adhesive.
4. Tap the edge of the bottle to knock off any excess glitter.

Guest Blog: DIY Butterfly Bouquet

Butterfly Bouquet Guest Blog: DIY Butterfly Bouquet
Hello! I’m so excited to share an alternative to a floral bouquet, by showing a super simple and elegant butterfly bouquet that you can make at home! These bouquets are perfect for summer/spring weddings… think flower girls, bridesmaids, even for the bride herself (get creative!), or for table decor (even at home!).

Things you’ll need:
Butterflies (there are so many options to choose from on the website, I went with these)
Floral Wire

Things to do:
1. I used my floral wire to extend the height of the butterflies by clipping it at various lengths and winding it tight to the wire that is already on the butterflies themselves.
2. Pull them into a tight bunch and wrap with Ribbon in a criss-cross pattern all the way down and up the wire stems tiding a bow at the top.
3. Bend the top of the wires in various directions spacing the butterflies out as you like. Voila!

Butterfly Bouquet2 Guest Blog: DIY Butterfly Bouquet

If you still want the floral look before you tie your ribbon on you can add flowers in with the butterflies, now you have whimsy and tradition!

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s project, and link us up with your projects on here or face book!
Happy Crafting!
Lisa from Lisa’s Creative Niche

Burlap and Lace Candle

Burlap Lace Candle Burlap and Lace Candle
A little rustic, a little elegant, this burlap and lace wrapped candle makes a charming addition to your decor or party decorations.

Things you’ll need:
Pillar candle
Measuring tape

Things to do:
1. Measure around the candle and cut a rectangle of burlap and a piece of lace slightly longer than that dimension.
Burlap Lace Candle2 Burlap and Lace Candle
2. Pull out a long strand of string from the edge of the burlap.
3. Wrap first the burlap and then the lace around the candle. Tie in place with the string and finish with a bow.
Burlap Lace Candle3 Burlap and Lace Candle

DIY Seashell Candles

June 12, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under For the Home, Wedding and Bridal

DIY Seashell Candles DIY Seashell Candles
Just the thing to set the mood for a summer picnic, these seashell candles are simple to make and oh so pretty. Once the candle wax melts away you can easily refill these with more wax and a new wick.

Things you’ll need:
Candle wax
Double boiler

Things to do:
1. Gently melt the wax in a double boiler.
DIY Seashell Candles2 DIY Seashell Candles
2. Place shells on a covered surface so that they are steady, A bowl of rice can help keep the shells from shifting.
3. Dip the wicks into the wax and press into the bottom of the shell. Allow the wax to set up for a moment or two.
4. Pour the melted wax carefully into the shells.
DIY Seashell Candles3 DIY Seashell Candles
5. Allow the wax to cool and harden and then trim the wicks to ¼ inch.
DIY Seashell Candles4 DIY Seashell Candles

DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars

DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars
Mason jars are one of those uber-versatile items that I can’t live without. From drinking cups to marble jars to vases, I have them everywhere in my house. These lace wrapped jars are simple yet elegant, just right for a romantic dinner. Go gently with the glue, you don’t need much to hold the lace in place.

Things you’ll need:
Mason Jars
2 inch wide lace
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Wrap the lace around the jar and pull gently for a snug fit. Trim the lace with a ¼ inch overlap.
DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars2 DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars
DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars3 DIY Lace Wrapped Mason Jars
2. Lay the jar on it’s side and wrap the lace around, dabbing a small amount of glue at one end of the lace and smooth along the edge with your finger. Press the other end down and hold it for a minute to help the glue set.

Bride and Groom Peg People

Bride Groom Peg People7 Bride and Groom Peg People
These sweet little bride and groom peg dolls are a cute gift for kiddos in a wedding, make great decorations for showers or rehearsal dinners or fun, rustic cake toppers.

Things you’ll need:
Peg Man
Peg Woman
Craft paints – white, black, hair colors and accessory colors (personalize for your wedding colors!)
Masking tape
Wooden bead (optional)
Polyurethane (optional)

Things to do:
1. Start with the white paint. Cut a small triangle for the dress front and smooth it down on the bride. Paint the rest of her dress white and a rough V at the neck of the groom.
Bride Groom Peg People3 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People2 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People5 Bride and Groom Peg People
2. Once the white is dry, cut another triangle, this time for the opening of the jacket, and smooth it over the white on the groom. Paint the rest of his body black.
Bride Groom Peg People4 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People6 Bride and Groom Peg People
3. Glue the wooden bead, if desired, onto the bride’s head to create a bun. Once dry, paint the hair on both the bride and groom.
4. Peel off the tape from both Bride and Groom
5. Add a tie for the groom and a matching flower in the brides hair and allow the paint to dry. Coat with polyurethane if desired to seal.
Bride Groom Peg People Bride and Groom Peg People

Lace Wedding Cake Card

Lace Wedding Cake Card Lace Wedding Cake Card
Wedding season is upon us and if you are like me, you’ll have plenty of congratulatory cards to send out in the coming months to new couples and brides and grooms to be. This pretty lace card is quick to make and perfect for the occasion, so be sure to make a few and stock up for all those upcoming wedding bells.

Things you’ll need:
Lace ribbon
White cardstock
Patterned cardstock
Craft Glue

Things to do:
1. Cut your lace into three pieces for each “cake” one 3-inch, one 2-inch, one 1-inch.
Lace Wedding Cake Card2 Lace Wedding Cake Card
2. Layer the pieces of the “cake” onto the cardstock, slightly overlapping the edges, and glue in place with a thin bead of glue on the top and bottom edge of each piece of lace. Allow the glue to dry.
Lace Wedding Cake Card3 Lace Wedding Cake Card
3. Fold the patterned cardstock into a card.
4. Cut the “cake” out with its cardstock backing and mount with a thin bead of glue all around onto the front of the patterned cardstock card. Allow the glue to dry.
Lace Wedding Cake Card4 Lace Wedding Cake Card

Twine Wrapped Bouquet

April 13, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts, Wedding and Bridal

Twine Wrapped Bouquet Twine Wrapped Bouquet
This simple but elegant wrapping is the perfect way to display a bouquet of flowers. Ideal for spring bunches or rustic bouquets twine shows off the beauty of the buds without overpowering them with fancy ribbons or ties.

Things you’ll need:
Bunch of flowers
Hemp twine

Things to do:
1. Pull out a twelve-inch length of twine from the ball and run it so that the raw end is up with the blossoms. Determine how much of the stems you want wrapped before you begin.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet2 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
2. Begin to wrap the stems, keeping the twine tight enough to stay put but not so tight that they strangle the flowers. Wrap over the long tail as you go.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet3 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
3. When you have wrapped half the amount you want to, flip the tail down so that the free end is hanging away from the blossoms. Continue wrapping all the way up.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet4 Twine Wrapped Bouquet
4. Tie off and trim, tucking the end into the wrapping. Use the free tail, which should be at the halfway point of the wrapping and use to tie a bow at the front.
Twine Wrapped Bouquet5 Twine Wrapped Bouquet

DIY Cake Buckles

DIY Cake Buckles DIY Cake Buckles
I developed this buckle for a wedding in June of 2007 for a bride that wanted a little glitz, but was on a tight budget, as most of them are. She was very pleased with them! I used clear or diamond like rhinestones and silver glitter, but you could us colored on both if you prefer.

I was looking for this shape in chip boards but could not find it is why I used the slides, lightweight also. The picture slides in case some of you don’t know are what they put the negative in to see a picture through a projector. It opens up and is connected in the center by perforations, which then will be a rectangle. They have glue on the inside, so that once you put the negative in, can be sealed shut to hold it there. You could use chipboard or light wood in other shapes, like hearts, diamonds, etc. that have the center cut out to achieve this in those shapes. I got the slides in a camera shop.

Things you need:
Tacky glue
Empty picture slides

picture slides buckles DIY Cake Buckles

Things to do:
1. I took a toothpick broke off to fit to the size of the slide, lay inside on the sticky in the center of your opening and close the slide casing and seal.
2. Lay your rhinestones on it to see what pattern you want. You can either use all one size or various sizes.
3. Cover front of slide with glue (I used Tacky glue), take the rhinestones that you want to use and place them on the glued side. Now you may notice there are gaps where your stones aren’t covering, that is ok.
4. Take your glitter of choice and sprinkle all over it to cover up gaps and/or you could even use tiny tiny seed beads.
5. Let dry thoroughly.
6. Now you are ready to run your ribbon or what have you thru the buckle over the toothpick (my ribbon was the size of the opening so toothpick would not show).
7. Now I used them on a cake. We took toothpicks on the top inside corners of the buckles to hold them on the cake. (Did not show at all)

Guest blogger:
Sandy Collier
Facebook Page

Chalkboard Paint Basket Table Numbers

Chalkboard Basket Table Numbers Chalkboard Paint Basket Table Numbers
These make sweet, and reusable centerpieces or place settings for weddings, parties or holiday dinners. Mark the baskets with table numbers or names and fill with seasonal flowers.

Things you’ll need:
Small metal baskets
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Coat the outside and handle of each basket in three coats of paint, allowing each to dry before adding the next.
Chalkboard Basket Table Numbers2 Chalkboard Paint Basket Table Numbers
Chalkboard Basket Table Numbers3 Chalkboard Paint Basket Table Numbers
2. Allow the paint to cure for 2 days and then fill with flowers and add table numbers or names.
Chalkboard Basket Table Numbers4 Chalkboard Paint Basket Table Numbers

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