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Upcycled Wine Corks – Cork Memory Board

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May 24, 2010 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

wine cork cork board Upcycled Wine Corks   Cork Memory Board
While over-sized brandy snifters are nifty for displaying your most treasured wine bottle corks, there are more creative – and functional – ways to showcase your collection. With a few basic supplies and an ample stash of corks, you can make stunning vineyard-inspired artwork and decorative accessories that will spark fond memories of your most special occasion bottles.

Things you need:
Large Picture Frame
Plywood (sized to frame; if your frame doesn’t have a backing)
Wine Bottle Corks
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Things to do:
1. Paint plywood and allow to thoroughly dry; if needed, apply a second coat.
2. The hardest thing is getting all your corks to fit and arrange nicely within your frame. Most corks are different lengths and thicknesses. Before you even begin arranging the corks within the frame, you may want to sort through your corks to find which are most similar to each other. Now it’s time to play with the corks, arranging and rearranging until the corks fit nicely against each other with the least amount of gaps. If you’re having problems with too many gaps, you may want to consider filling them in with felt, or you can even cut your corks at the beginning so they are all the same size.
3. Arrange corks on plywood, experimenting with different arrangements. Herringbone, staggered brick, and block designs look especially appealing.
4. Glue corks in place with labels facing out. After glue dries, insert plywood in frame and hang. Display as-is, or use as a cork board to showcase vacation photos, maps, and mementos from your favorite vineyard.

As simple to make as it is functional, this wine cork craft will dress up any room in your home. The best part is, gathering the supplies couldn’t be more fun! So go ahead and enjoy a glass of your favorite vintage – but be sure to save the cork.


5 Responses to “Upcycled Wine Corks – Cork Memory Board”
  1. Pravin Amudan says:

    Loved it! I have taken the liberty of posting this on Facebook/thelittlegreenpage an online community to spread eco-awareness. Trust this is fine with you.Thanks,Pravin Amudan


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