Congratulate the Graduate With These Fun and Easy Crafts

Whether you’re planning a full-tilt party or will honor the graduate with a smaller-scaled bash, handcrafted decorations will add a special touch to this milestone celebration. The best part is, you won’t need an art or decorating degree to make these simple crafts.

Hat’s Off to the Graduate Mortarboard Banner

Things to you need:
6 x 6 or 8 x 8 cardboard squares
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (in school’s colors)
2″ Poly Foam Sponge Brush
Paper fasteners
Nail, awl, or other device for poking small holes through cardboard

Things to do:
1. Paint cardboard squares. While the squares are drying, make tassels by wrapping ribbon loosely around a book (or cardboard) to desired fullness. Remember when making your tassels, that you can control the size by the size of the object you use to wrap your ribbon or twine around and also how many times you wrap it around the object. Just keep in mind, if you are making smaller tassels, you will want to stick with a thinner ribbon or twine and larger tassels will require thicker ribbon or twine. When you have reached the desired fullness, cut your ribbon at the same end as the end that you started wrapping. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your bundle of ribbon. Slip the ribbon off the book and hold together so that it will not unravel. Wrap the length of ribbon around the “top” portion of your bundle of ribbon, leaving an inch at the top. Tie and knot, then take your scissors and cut the bottom looped ends of your tassel straight across. This will free them at the bottom nod and your tassel will be complete.
2. Punch two holes at the center of each cardboard square, and at opposite corners. To affix tassel, insert one tail of the ribbon into each hole at the center, and tie a knot on the reverse side of the cardboard.
3. Use paper fasteners to adjoin the corners of the cardboard squares. Drape across a doorway, or festoon the cake or gift table.

Handmade Diploma Decor

Things you need:
Paper towel tubes
Parchment colored construction paper
Aleene’s Craft & School Glue

If only the real thing was this easy to have in hand! To make this fun and decorative accent, simply glue parchment-colored construction paper to the outside of paper towel tubes and adorn with a coordinating ribbon. Viola!

While you’re in a crafty frame of mind, you’ll probably want to start planning your menu. What could be more fun than a mortarboard cake, or one dressed up with miniature graduate figurines? With a little creativity, you’ll plan a milestone celebration that your special graduate will remember forever.

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