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Quick and Easy Paper Fans

paper fans Quick and Easy Paper Fans
Paper Fans can be made with nearly any type of craft paper and can be decorated however you like. These fans are a perfect way to welcome warmer weather!

Things you’ll need:

Things to do:
1. Fold one edge of your paper over about 1/2’’.
2. Flip your paper over and make another 1/2’’ fold that lines up with your first 1/2’’ fold.
3. Continue steps 1 & 2 until you reach the end of your paper.
4.Hold your folded paper like an accordion, and bunch the bottom side of your paper together so that the top flares out like a fan.
5. Hold the bottom end of your paper together with ribbon by tying a small bow near the bottom end of your paper.
6. Hold your fan and wave to create a cooling breeze!

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