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Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks

Playing Card Notebooks Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
I have a pair of little scribblers here in my house. Always writing notes, drawing sketches, taking down ideas. And they love little notebooks to write their words and pictures in. These little playing card notebooks are so much fun to make and pocket sized for easy toting and perfect for their scribbles. I bet your little artists and writers will love them just as much.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 15 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Blank paper
Double sided tape
Playing cards
Washi tape
Pencil or pen

Things to do:
1. Carefully trace the outline of the card onto the paper at one end. Repeat, running across the end of the page.
Playing Card Notebooks2 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
Playing Card Notebooks3 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
2. Fold the paper just at the top edge of the outline of the card so that when you cut them out you’ll have a doubled card shape piece of paper.
Playing Card Notebooks4 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
3. Repeat until you have enough pages for your book. Fold each in half.
Playing Card Notebooks5 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
4. Cut the double sided tape into thin strips. Lay the tape at the top edge of one of the folded pieces of paper and top with another. Repeat until you have a nice stack of folded papers.
Playing Card Notebooks6 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
5. Apply double sided tape to the back side of two cards and press them onto the first and last page of the stack of papers.
6. Cut a piece of washi tape longer than the top of the card.
Playing Card Notebooks7 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks
7. Lay it along the top edge and then fold over to the back to bind the book. Trim away the excess tape.
Playing Card Notebooks8 Upycle: DIY Playing Card Notebooks

DIY Alphabet Magnets

DIY Alphabet Magnets DIY Alphabet Magnets
My kids love alphabet magnets, even though they are long past learning their ABC’s. Spelling out words and messages on the fridge never seems to get old but (and especially as they get older and learn longer words) a basic set of letters really isn’t enough. You need lots of every letter to really get a-spellin! This project allows you to make as many sets of letters as your kids need AND in the colors you like!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 30-50 minutes plus dry time

Things you’ll need:
Wooden letters
Acrylic craft paint
Tacky Glue

Things to do:
1. Lay out all your letters on a covered work surface and paint a base color on each of the letters.
DIY Alphabet Magnets2 DIY Alphabet Magnets
DIY Alphabet Magnets3 DIY Alphabet Magnets
2. Allow the paint to dry and add a second coat if necessary.
3. Using a contrasting color of paint, add dots, stripes or wiggles to decorate the letters.
DIY Alphabet Magnets4 DIY Alphabet Magnets
DIY Alphabet Magnets5 DIY Alphabet Magnets
4. Once this paint is dry, apply a small dot of glue to the back side of each letter and place a magnet on the dot. Allow the glue to dry before sticking the magnets to your fridge.
DIY Alphabet Magnets6 DIY Alphabet Magnets
DIY Alphabet Magnets7 DIY Alphabet Magnets

Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks

Playing Card Bookmarks Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks
We play a lot of cards in our family and, inevitably, we have ended up, over the years, with several incomplete decks from toting cards with us on trips or days out. I hate to toss those cards so I’ve kept them all for various projects and here’s an excellent one! Bookmarks! Perfect for keep your spot, easy to make in bulk for gifts or as Valentines using only the hearts cards, these are easy and fun!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: less than 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Playing cards
Hole punch
Yarn matching the cards

Things to do:
1. Punch a hole at the center top of each card.
Playing Card Bookmarks2 Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks
Playing Card Bookmarks3 Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks
2. Cut yarn into 8 inch strips.
3. Fold two pieces of yarn in half and tuck though the hole, back to front.
Playing Card Bookmarks4 Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks
Playing Card Bookmarks5 Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks
4. Slip the tails into the holes and pull through to create a tassel. Trim ends evenly.
Playing Card Bookmarks6 Upcycle: Playing Card Bookmarks

‘Back to School’ Custom Pencil Bouquet

Custom Pencil Bouquet Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
The leaves are starting to fade into golden hues, meaning school is just around the corner! What better way to welcome the change of season than with an adorable bouquet of back to school pencils! Your son or daughter are sure to love these customizable pencil sets that allow their unique personalities to show through. Put a bouquet in their backpack the night before class for a fun surprise, or give to their teachers as a thoughtful gift. Everyone is sure to adore these darling pencils!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Age range: 13 and up.

Things you’ll need:
Tacky Glue
Paper of Your Choice
Paper Cutter

Things to do:
1. Measure your pencil in length and width. The easiest way to measure width is to roll the pencil in the paper and make a small mark with a pen. Measure the pencil in length with a ruler.
Custom Pencil Bouquet2 Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
2. Trim a strip of paper that corresponds to the length and width of your pencil.
Custom Pencil Bouquet3 Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
3. Cover the strip of paper with a thin layer of glue. Make a zig-zag pattern with your glue and spread over the surface evenly with your paint brush. Make sure you cover the edges well, otherwise the paper will curl up.
Custom Pencil Bouquet4 Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
Custom Pencil Bouquet5 Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
4. Place your pencil alongside of the paper and make sure your measurements were correct before wrapping the pencil in the paper.
5. Begin to roll your pencil with the glue side touching the pencil. Once you’ve completely rolled your pencil, press down firmly to ensure the paper sticks to the pencil. If excess glue squeezes out when you apply pleasure to the pencil and paper, simply wipe it off with a rag.
Custom Pencil Bouquet6 Back to School Custom Pencil Bouquet
6. Allow pencil to dry before sharpening. Complete these steps with several more pencils and tie a decorative ribbon around the bunch to make an adorable gift!

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot

Tissue Paper Flower Pot DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
This craft is a wonderful activity for a child’s birthday party. The steps are easy and fun, and the result is a really cute pot that anyone would enjoy having in their home. When you’re finished, plant a seed inside, and watch it bloom into something beautiful.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Age range: 5 and Up
Time to complete: 30 Minutes

Things you’ll need:
Mod Podge
Ceramic Pot
Tissue Paper
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Cut several 2″ wide strips of tissue paper. The amount of paper you cut will depend on how large of a pot you are using.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot2 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
2. Paint a smooth layer of Mod Podge onto the ceramic pot.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot3 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
3. Place the strip of tissue paper onto the layer of Mod Podge. Try to get the top of the tissue paper even with the top of the pot.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot4 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
4. Cut any excess tissue paper from the bottom of the pot, leaving a half inch extra.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot6 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
5. Secure the excess tissue paper inside the bottom rim with Mod Podge.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot7 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
6. Apply a topcoat to the tissue paper.
Tissue Paper Flower Pot5 DIY Tissue Paper Flower Pot
7. Continue this process until the entire pot is covered, slightly overlapping the pieces of tissue paper as you go.
8. Apply a second layer of tissue paper until you reach your desired look.
9. Let the pot dry completely before use.

Make Your Own Paper Plate Frisbees

Paper Plate Frisbees Make Your Own Paper Plate Frisbees
Frisbee is probably the more quintessentially summer game, am I right? The word summer conjures up images of people hanging around a sunny park tossing the Frisbee back and forth and for good reason, it’s a ton of fun! This craft creates a simple Frisbee out of some very simple household supplies. Easily personalized, this is a great craft for picnics, BBQ’s and parties and is especially fun if you use colorful and bright washi tape for the construction!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 10 minutes or less

Things you’ll need:
Paper plates
Washi tape

Things to do:
1. Using the scissors, cut a large circle out of each of the paper plates, leaving only the curved rims intact.
Paper Plate Frisbees2 Make Your Own Paper Plate Frisbees
Paper Plate Frisbees3 Make Your Own Paper Plate Frisbees
2. Lay two paper plates together, right sides together
3. Run a strip of washi tape around where the two edges meet and fold down on either side to secure the two plates together.
Paper Plate Frisbees4 Make Your Own Paper Plate Frisbees
4. Additionally, you can decorate the plates with markers or stickers!
5. Give it a toss and watch it fly!

How to Make God’s Eyes

Gods Eyes How to Make Gods Eyes
An old camp favorite, these little string and stick works of art are so satisfying to make. Perfect for a hot lazy afternoon, you can make these with whatever materials you have on hand. While here we used small sticks, you can scale them up with larger sticks or use craft sticks or dowels. This is a great stash busting project as well as you can use any weight and amount of yarn to create them. I bet you’ve forgotten how fun these little babies are to make!

Time required: 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy – great project for the kids!

Things you’ll need:

Things to do:
1. Hold the two sticks to form an X , pinching with your thumb and forefinger to hold them in place.
Gods Eyes2 How to Make Gods Eyes
Gods Eyes3 How to Make Gods Eyes
2. Wrap the yarn around at the join, over-under0over-under for several rounds until the X is secure.
Gods Eyes4 How to Make Gods Eyes
Gods Eyes5 How to Make Gods Eyes
3. Begin your wrapping pattern, going over and around the back of one stick and then, as you come back to the top, bringing it across at an angle to the next, repeating the process as you go around the X.
Gods Eyes6 How to Make Gods Eyes
Gods Eyes7 How to Make Gods Eyes
4. Repeat this until you are ready to switch yarn. Tie the new yarn to the old yarn so the knot falls on the back side of one of the sticks and continue the wrapping pattern.
Gods Eyes8 How to Make Gods Eyes
5. Continue until you have filled up as much of the stick as you want. Cut the yarn and tie off, using the tail as a hanger if desired.
Gods Eyes9 How to Make Gods Eyes
Gods Eyes10 How to Make Gods Eyes
Gods Eyes11 How to Make Gods Eyes

DIY Marshmallow Shooter

DIY Marshmallow Shooter DIY Marshmallow Shooter
I’m going to let you in on a little secret before you start this project. You can not make just one of these. You might think one is enough, but trust me, you’ll need at least two and preferably one for every single person you know. Over the top fun to play with, these marshmallow shooters are easy to personalize thanks to washi tape so it’s easy to keep track of which one belongs to who. And they look pretty darn awesome too!

Time required: 25 minutes
Difficulty level: moderate to difficult (but worth it!)

Things you’ll need:
About two feet of ½ inch PVC pipe
½” T joint
½” end cap
(2) ½ “ L joints
Hack saw
Measuring tape
Washi tape, 1 color or pattern per shooter
Mini marshmallows

Things to do:
1. Mark your pipe. Lengths don’t have to be exact, but you’ll want 3 pieces to be approximately 6 inches long and two pieces at 3 inches.
2. Using your hack saw, cut the pipe carefully at each mark, trying to make the cut as smooth and straight as possible.
DIY Marshmallow Shooter2 DIY Marshmallow Shooter
3. Wrap washi tape in several places around the straight pieces of pipe.
DIY Marshmallow Shooter3 DIY Marshmallow Shooter
4. Push two of the long pieces into perpendicular holes on the T joint.
5. Attach the cap onto the long piece that points down on the T joint.
6. Push one short piece into the other end of the T joint and attach an L joint on it’s other end.
7. Attach the other short piece to the L joint and add the other L joint to the open end.
8. Finish by attaching the final long piece of tube to the open end of the L joint.
9. Insert a mini marshmallow into the long high end and blow a short puff into the other end to send the marshmallow flying!
DIY Marshmallow Shooter4 DIY Marshmallow Shooter

DIY Bubble Snake Maker

DIY Bubble Snake Maker DIY Bubble Snake Maker
Now that the summer heat is really setting in in my neck of the woods, I’m constantly on the prowl for fun activities that keep the kids outdoors without overheating them. This bubble snake maker is a huge hit on that front. So much so that we keep a set in the yard all the time. It entertains for ages and all ages. You need surprisingly little bubble solution to make gobs of bubbles so making a small amount is really the best way. One dip will last for a good ten minutes of solid bubble making!

Time required: less than 5 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy, but requires use of a sharp knife or saw

Things you’ll need:
Small, empty plastic water bottles
Craft knife
Old washcloth
Duct tape
Dishwashing soap

Things to do:
1. Using your craft knife, cut off the bottom of each bottle and discard.
DIY Bubble Snake Maker2 DIY Bubble Snake Maker
2. Cut a circle of washcloth just slightly bigger than the bottom of the bottle. You want to be able to tape it against the sides so it’s stretched tightly across the bottom without too much excess.
DIY Bubble Snake Maker3 DIY Bubble Snake Maker
3. Using your duct tape. Tightly tape the washcloth across the bottom of the bottle. Make sure to tape it securely all the way around.
DIY Bubble Snake Maker4 DIY Bubble Snake Maker
4. Mix 1 tsp dish soap in 1 c of water in the bowl. Dip the washcloth end of the blower into the solution briefly and then blow into the top to create thick ropes of bubbles.
DIY Bubble Snake Maker5 DIY Bubble Snake Maker

Upcycling Bottle Cap Checkers

August 1, 2014 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Kid's Arts and Crafts

Bottle Cap Checkers Upcycling Bottle Cap Checkers
My whole family are big into board games, we love them and are constantly on the hunt for new favorites, but the old standbys remain dear to to our hearts and checkers tops the list for most family game nights! This fun checkers set it perfect for popping into a bag for on the go fun and is downright fun to make! Get the kids involved! Choose silly colors for the pieces! They’ll love to make and and love to play with it even more when they’ve helped to create the game themselves!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 20 minutes plus dry time

Things you’ll need:
Checkers board (make your own here)
24 Clean bottle caps
Acrylic paint in two colors

Things to do:
1. On a covered work surface, squirt out about a teaspoon of paint in each color. An extra bottle cap makes a great paint holder!
Bottle Cap Checkers2 Upcycling Bottle Cap Checkers
2. Using the paintbrush, paint the inside bottom of each cap, 12 of each color.
Bottle Cap Checkers3 Upcycling Bottle Cap Checkers
3. Allow the caps to dry thoroughly before using.
Bottle Cap Checkers4 Upcycling Bottle Cap Checkers

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