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Bride and Groom Peg People

Bride Groom Peg People7 Bride and Groom Peg People
These sweet little bride and groom peg dolls are a cute gift for kiddos in a wedding, make great decorations for showers or rehearsal dinners or fun, rustic cake toppers.

Things you’ll need:
Peg Man
Peg Woman
Craft paints – white, black, hair colors and accessory colors (personalize for your wedding colors!)
Masking tape
Wooden bead (optional)
Polyurethane (optional)

Things to do:
1. Start with the white paint. Cut a small triangle for the dress front and smooth it down on the bride. Paint the rest of her dress white and a rough V at the neck of the groom.
Bride Groom Peg People3 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People2 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People5 Bride and Groom Peg People
2. Once the white is dry, cut another triangle, this time for the opening of the jacket, and smooth it over the white on the groom. Paint the rest of his body black.
Bride Groom Peg People4 Bride and Groom Peg People
Bride Groom Peg People6 Bride and Groom Peg People
3. Glue the wooden bead, if desired, onto the bride’s head to create a bun. Once dry, paint the hair on both the bride and groom.
4. Peel off the tape from both Bride and Groom
5. Add a tie for the groom and a matching flower in the brides hair and allow the paint to dry. Coat with polyurethane if desired to seal.
Bride Groom Peg People Bride and Groom Peg People


One Response to “Bride and Groom Peg People”
  1. Donna chambers says:

    Love everything Ive seen so far, but just where to get the bride and groom pegs from thank you

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