Upcycling: Magazine Paper Flowers

These flowers add a bit of punch to any place you’d like to put them. Colorful, fun and simple to make, you’ll have a hard time stopping at one.

Things you’ll need:
Mug and or bowl
Magazine pages
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Using your mug or bowl (or both), trace various sized circles onto the magazine pages, centering them to take the best advantage of the colorful images.
2. Carefully cut out the circles, making sure the edges are smooth.
3. Cut each circle into a spiral, working in from the outside edge and keeping the width of the spiral even as you go, leave a 1-inch wide circle at the center intact.
4. Starting from the outer edge of the circle, roll in, using the pencil if necessary, and keeping the inner edge of the spiral even with itself as you roll.
5. When you reach the circle at the center, add a generous amount of glue and slip the rolled paper off the pencil, pressing it gently into the glue. Loosen the roll of paper slightly to open up the flower and allow the glue to dry.

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