Witches Welcome Wreath

Things you need:
12″ Unfinished Wood Paint Paddles
12″ Natural Grapevine Wreath
5/8″ Standard Wood Stars
5-1/2″ Classic Wood Star
Black Felt
Natural Jute Twine
Spanish Moss
Harvest Orange Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Country Grey Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Creamy Peach Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Antique Gold Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Autumn Fall Silk Maple Leaf Bush

Thing to do:
1. Cut off 1-3/4 of paddle, this is your pumpkin and paint it orange. Grab another paddle and paint the small end of it peach for the face. The rest of the paddle paint it black for the dress. Paint both stars gold.
2. On the large star after it dries, paint ” Welcome Witches.” Letters don’t have to be straight across, staggered or any other way you would like. When adding the dots to the welcome witches you can use the other end of the paint brush. Paint a small stitch line around the edge of the star.
3. Using a black felt cut out a 3″ circle out and then in the middle cut a slit as long as the paddle at top where the face is at. Take another black felt and fold into a triangle by taking the top right corner and bottom left corner together, then cut down that folded line. Bring together one piece of felt and glue to make the rest of witch hat. Glue the small star at point of bent hat.
4. Paint a gray line down front of the dress. Also, Paint a hem line and humps for shoes.
5. Take a small amount of orange paint and mix that with the peach paint, this color with give a shade for the cheeks and chin area on the witch’s face. Glue raffia hair onto the head with whatever length you would like.
6. Make two small bows with the natural jute twine for neck of witch and for the welcome star. Glue pumpkin to tooth pick in spanish moss bunch. Then place on wreath as desired.
7. Place and glue the fall leaf bush wherever you desire around the wreath.

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