Not So Wishy-Washy Wish Hemp Bracelet


A wish bracelet is a simple but cute bracelet that is meant to encourage following your dreams. The idea of a wish bracelet is that when you get one you sit somewhere quiet and hold the bracelet in your hand and focus on your wish. Think of your wish for a few seconds without anything else interrupting your thoughts. Then tie the bracelet securely to your wrist. Make you never take your bracelet off. When you play with your bracelet, or someone comments on it, think about your wish again. After a while your bracelet will fall off on it’s own, hopefully before long your wish will come true.

Things you need:
Hemp Twine Crafting Cord

Things to do:
1. Cut three 10″ lengths of hemp crafting cord and knot together on one end.
2. Braid the three strands together to the mid-point, or wherever you want to add your first bead.
Keep in mind your beads colors as you place them on your wish bracelet.

White beads: purification, cleanliness, spirituality, revelation
Black beads: earth, stability, death, concealment, self-control
Gray beads: sorrow, security, maturity, compliance, isolation, detachment
Brown beads: earth, order, convention, wholesomeness, orderliness
Orange beads: vitality, endurance, healing, power, self-esteem, creativity
Gold beads: wealth, prosperity, wisdom, optimism, health, success
Yellow beads: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy, concentration
Green beads: life, nature, fertility, healing, well being, money, growth
Blue beads: youth, spirituality, truth, peace, communication
Purple beads: royalty, magic, mystery, fantasy, imagination, psychic power
Red beads: sex, action, passion, lust, energy, confidence, courage, vitality
Pink beads: love, beauty, acceptance, protection, self-worth, calm

3. Slide one bead onto every other strand you pick up (totaling up to seven beads), then continue braiding the rest of the length and finish with a knot.

Before tying the wish hemp bracelet onto your wrist or ankle, make a wish. According to legend, your wish will come true whenever the bracelet falls off. With so many colorful beads to choose from, you’ll soon have a bracelet to match every outfit! Make these fun bracelets for personal adornments, or share them with family and friends.

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    1. We used rocaille beads. You can find them here: Please let me know if you have any other questions and happy crafting!