Wedding Decorations with a Victorian Flair: How to Make a Pomander with Tissue Paper

tissue_paper_pomandersIf your wedding budget is starting to skyrocket, rein in some dollars without skimping on style by decorating with these easy to make and oh-so-elegant tissue pomander. An elegant statement on their own, pomander balls are ideal for stretching cut flowers, and since there are no worries about dropped petals or spilled water vases, they’re perfect for dressing up buffet and gift tables.

Things you need:
1 – 3″ Styrofoam Ball
Tissue Paper
34 gauge Wire
Wire Cutters

Things to do:
1. Cut a desired length of ribbon of your choice. Press the tail of the ribbon into the Styrofoam ball using a pencil. You can push the pencil all the way through and tie your ribbon in a knot at the end. You can also push the pencil half way through and add a little hot glue to ensure that the ribbon never moves.
2. Cut tissue paper into 5″ x 7″ rectangles. Then, stack four sheets together and fold pleats all the way up, just like you’re folding a fan.
3. Wrap a length of wire around the center of each folded bundle, leaving a tail long enough to anchor the tissue paper to the Styrofoam ball.
4. Shape the bundle into a flower by pulling the tissue paper sheets up one at a time toward the center, alternating the sheets from left to right.
5. Gently press the tail of the wire into the Styrofoam ball (again may help to use a pencil), and repeat until your pomander ball reaches the desired fullness. (Tip: It typically takes 18-20 bundles to complete each pomander.)

Display pomander balls as an elegant, budget-friendly alternative to cut flowers. Use the money you’ll save for a honeymoon splurge, or for a bigger cake!

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  1. We used this idea when we found out that the ceremony would have folding chairs instead of pews! It was a fun, upbeat idea for the wedding, and made our guests feel they were part of the fun!