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Wedding Advice: Conveying Proper Thanks

Your wedding day, no matter how large or small, will be fraught with many things to remember. There are some things that you can probably let slide, as long as it doesn’t affect the general outcome of your day, but there is one thing that should never be forgotten: thank you notes. When you announce your wedding, you should be prepared to receive several gifts from loved ones that would like to convey their best wishes. It is extremely important that you send your appreciation for these gifts for several reasons. First of all, it is in the very best taste to send thank you cards. Secondly, sending the card can prevent an embarrassing situation for the giver, as he or she may feel the need to follow up with you to make sure the gift arrived.

Unfortunately, many brides have allowed thank you notes to slip through the cracks. In an effort to save time, many people are relying on phone calls or emails to express gratitude, and that is not the worst idea because at least the gift is acknowledged. Some brides merely add their signature to a preprinted letter or card, which also provides acknowledgement. Where is the personal touch to these choices, though? How can a bride allow generosity to be treated so cavalierly?

If you are determined to express your appreciation the proper way, then there are several things that you can do to ensure that you do so with as little stress as possible. To begin with, you should begin a running list that includes any gifts that arrive before the wedding, along with a name and address for the sender. This will prevent you from digging out cards or wrapping paper from the trash to find the name of the sender. You can also employ the assistance of your mother or maid of honor to help you keep track of all names and addresses, especially if you are receiving gifts at a shower or party.

Select your stationery early, too, to make sure that there are plenty for the notes that you will write. It is not terribly important that all letters match, but it does present a nice visual to guests. The stationery can be simple cards with a monogram, but remember to include your maiden name if you are planning to send the note before the wedding, and your married name if you are sending the card after the wedding. Using a ballpoint pen is frowned upon, though a rollerball is now acceptable. Felt-tip pens and fountain pens provide the nicest appearance, however.

Though it may take additional time, you should consider including a personal note to each recipient. This will assure them that you found the gift thoughtful. If the gift was cash or a check, you should let the giver know how you intend to use it. Remember that your gifts were from people that love you very much, so you should be more than willing to return that love in any possible way.

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  1. You are absoutely right and not just for Wedding gifts but all gifts.Nothing upset me more than when I FINALLY received a TY card from my GD and all it said was thank you for the monetary gift..She couldnt remember that her Grandparents that are on a limited income (SS) gave her 200.00.It just showed me how much it didnt mean all that much to her..and I have never been that generous with her since. It did hurt my feelings

  2. I run a small craft business,so find it easier to be more personal with brides etc… The advice i give to brides,new parents,birthday girl/boy etc reference their gifts is – Firstly,make sure you have a pen or marker near your gift table ! then when you are given your gift make a note on both the gift AND the gift tag, i suggest numbers ie.. 1-1, 2-2 etc. This means that later when it comes to opening them you know who they are from and more importantly…you will be able to thank them in a personal way,rather than sending out just a mass of pr-printed thank yous….and as Nancy Huggins will agree, it makes all the difference………….

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