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Wax Paper Window Garland

Valentines day often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to decorating, partly because it’s so short and partly because there’s not a lot out there that isn’t, well, tacky. But these are fun and easy and surprisingly pretty considering their humble materials. And hint! This is a great kid project! Let them to the crayon grating (careful of the fingers) and watch the ironing (they’ll love it! It’s magic!) and help cut the hearts!

Things you need:
Waxed paper
Pink and red crayons
Scrap paper
Thread and needle

Things to do:
1. Grate the crayons until you have a good pile of crayon bits.
2. Sprinkle onto a piece of wax side up waxed paper. Cover this with another piece, this time wax side down (so the crayon pieces are between the wax layers)
3. Sandwich these between two pieces of scrap paper and iron with a medium iron until the crayon bits are well melted.
4. Cut the waxed paper into hearts of various sizes.
5. Using the needle and thread, stitch the hearts into a chain, adding an extra strand at the top for hanging. Pin at the top of a window and hang down to catch the light and spread a little love.

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  1. I did the shaved crayon between two pieces of waxed paper at a preschool I worked at and let the kiddos cut out the shapes they wanted! it was fun…This is good!

  2. I did this more than 50 years ago in Sunday school. Im doing this again for Valentines day for my granddaughters.

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