How to Transfer Images and Text onto Wood

This technique will allow you to transfer practically any text or graphic onto unfinished wood using an inkjet printer and wax paper. Get creative with your symbols and fonts, the sky’s the limit!

Things you’ll need:
Wood plaques, signs or blocks
Wax paper
Printer paper
Clear tape
Credit card
Ink jet printer

Things to do:
1. Using a paint or art program on your computer, create your sign using text and images and then inverse them so that you have the mirror image of what you want.

2. Cut a piece of wax paper the same size as your printer paper and tape it to the paper top and bottom. Make sure the edges are smooth.
3. Insert the wax paper /printer paper into the printer so that the ink will print on the wax paper and print your image.
4. Without allowing the wax paper to touch the wood yet, center the text over the wood and then lay it down lightly in place.

5. Using the credit card like a squeegee, Rub the paper onto the wood. This will transfer the ink from the paper to the wood.

6. Allow the ink to dry, seal with clear polyurethane if desired.

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    1. Hello Dionne! I have not tried this project personally for photos but I dont see why it wouldnt work. If you print out your picture onto the wax paper, just as this project does, I would think it would work. Please let us know how it turns out if you do it!

  1. Curious on the sealer — if using this method for wood that may come into contact with water (a tray), do you us an oil-based salant? Im confused as to whether a water-based polyeurethane will work or whether it will damage the inkjettransfer when applying it. Any recommendations for a food safe/waterproof sealant?

    1. With the wax paper transfer I would use a clear polyurethane spray to seal, anything that you brush on could spread the ink a little but a spray would seal it without disturbing the pattern. Please let me know if this works for you and happy crafting!

      1. I dont kow if you have tried this yet, but heres my 2cents worth, when ever I have done this transfer I use couple coats of spray sealant like clear coat, then I put a coat of clear poly on it, that way the ink dont smear

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