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Washi Covered Pencils

This is a fantastic way to turn ordinary, plain-jane pencils into something with pizzazz. These would make great party favors, teacher gifts or just a way to turn someone’s day around with a little something special. Make sure you smooth the tape down well and use only a manual pencil sharpener to sharpen them.

Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
Time required: 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Washi Tape
Craft knife
Pencil Sharpener

Things to do:
1. Starting at the sharpenable end and with your tape at an angle, wrap the tape around the pencil so that the edges line up as you wrap.

2. Continue to wrap until the whole pencil is covered.

3. Using the craft knife, trim away the excess at the eraser end.
4. Smooth the tape down and allow it to set up before sharpening.

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