Vacation Memory Stone

Every time we go on vacation, my kids collects all sorts of odds and ends in their pockets to “remember” the places we’ve been. Usually these little bits end up lots in their rooms but this summer we’re putting them to good use. Decorating plaster stones for our garden!

Things you’ll need:
Shells, stones or other small doo-dads from your trip
Plaster of Paris
Disposable bowl and spoon
Disposable cake pans
Sandpaper (optional)
Matte finish polyurethane spray (optional)

Things to do:
1. Mix the plaster according to the package directions and pour into the cake pans.

2. Tap the pans gently on a flat surface in order to settle the plaster and create an even surface.
3. Let your kids decorate the top of the plaster with their finds, sinking them partially into the plaster.

4. Allow the plaster to harden for an hour or so. For smoother edges, remove the stones when they are hard but still slightly crumbly, and lightly sand the rough edges, otherwise leave them in the pan to harden over night.

5. Once cured, spray with polyurethane to seal if desired.

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