Upcyling: Colorful Candlesticks

With the warmer weather here to stay, a little does of fun is due in the house, brighter colors, softer lines, more fun all around. And these bright and peppy candlesticks are the perfect example. Look for old brass candlesticks in charity shops and at garage sales for the best deals and choose fun, summer shades of paint. Remember you can always paint them a different color come fall, so don’t hold back!

Things you’ll need:
Brass Candlesticks
Spray Paint
Newspaper or cardboard to cover your work surface

Things to do:
1. Clean any old wax off of the candlesticks and wipe them down with warm, soapy water to remove any oil from the surface. Allow them to dry.
2. On a covered work surface, spray all sides of the candlesticks with thin coats of paint. Allow coats to dry, turn and continue spraying until the entire candlestick is well coated with paint. Let the paint cure overnight before use.

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