Upcycling: Toilet Tube Gift Box

With the holidays approaching and gift giving on the mind, I’m looking for some fun (and simple) wrapping ideas. This little wrapping project is perfect for small gifts, gift cards or cookies and treats. It also makes use of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper scraps and empty toilet paper tubes.

Things you’ll need:
Toilet paper tubes (you can also make longer ones with paper towel tubes)
Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
Invisible Tape

Things to do:
1. Measure the length of the tube and cut a length of paper to that width and long enough to go around the tube one and a half times.
2. Tape one short end of the paper to the tube so that the edges of the paper lines up with the edges of the tube.
3. Roll the paper around and secure along the seam with tape, smoothing well to make sure the tape disappears completely.
4. Press in the sides on one end so that the edges meet in a neat curve. Insert your gift and fold the open end closed.

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  1. This is weird, I was flattening some tubes to put in the recycle box last week ,when the same idea popped into my head.

  2. Wait! I have been wondering just how many things I can do with a toilet paper roll besides stack them beside the fireplace, thanks for adding to the list of manys

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