Upcycling: Mini Milk Bottle Vases

Just as nothing makes food more beautiful than a simple white plate, I tend to feel that flowers look best in a basic white vase. These little milk bottle vases are the perfect setting for single blooms or small bouquets and look great on their own or in a group, and bonus, you might have what you need sitting in your recycling bin right now!

Thing you’ll need:
4 empty iced coffee bottles
Matte white spray paint

Things to do:
1. Clean the bottles well and remove any sticky residue from the labels. Dry the bottle thoroughly.
2. Spread newspaper out to cover a well ventilated surface and set the bottles open side down on the paper, about five inches apart from one another.
3. In quick, thin bursts, spray the outside of the bottles.
4. Allow the paint to dry and then spray a second coat. You’ll need three or four coats to cover the glass well and many thin coats will give a better result than one or two thick ones.
5. Once the bottles are well coated, set them on their sides and touch up the top rim with a little more paint, trying not to get any inside of the bottles.
6. Let the paint harden overnight before using.

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  1. This is great. I have also used them plain with a ribbon tied around the top. White with a simple ribbon would be great too.

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