Upcycling: Create a Magazine Wreath

No matter how many paperless billing and no-mail services I sign up for, we still seem to end up with a pile of catalogs and magazines in our recycling bin at the end of the week. And while most of them find their way to the curb, every once in a while I keep one or two aside for a project, such as this magazine wreath, a new addition to my ongoing collection of circular art for my office wall.

Things you need:
1 magazine or catalog
1 MDF wreath form
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Things to do:
1. Cut 8-10 pages of the magazine or catalog away from the binding, keeping the edges as straight as possible. Continue until you have cut out all the pages.
2. Heat up your glue gun. Fold each page not quite evenly in half, then in half again, also unevenly.
3. Dab a dot of glue inside the main fold to hold it together and then on the point of the paper. Press down onto the wreath form.
4. Continue to fold and glue, securing each new piece of paper slightly down from the last, overlapping the tips as you go until you have covered the entire wreath.
*Hint, the wreath can be fuller or flatter depending on how close together you glue the sheets of paper.

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