Upcycled: Vintage Crate Towel Storage

Storing extra towels, especially when I’m having out of town guests and have pulled out my extra extra towels to be used, is always an issue for me. I want them to be both easily get-at-able but also stowed neatly out of the way. Rolling towels and standing them on end in this vintage crate both solves my storage issues and adds a little funky flair to my bathroom.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: Less than five minutes

Things you need:
Vintage folding crate

Lay your towels out on a flat surface and fold in half once, width-wise (or hamburger as my kids would say). Roll from the side seams across and tuck with the seam edge down and the folded roll top up into the crate. Continue to fill the crate with towels until it is full or fill part of the crate with flowers or a basket of guest soaps.

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