Upcycled Sweater Art

Add a little winter warmth to your house and use up any sweater scraps from previous felting projects with this fun upcycled sweater art. Much like a crazy quilt, this project is what you make it. If you’re not keen on the idea of art” try making two and turning them into a cozy, colorful pillowcase for your couch. Soft, warm and recycled. What could be better?

Things you need:
Old sweaters, the more variety the better
Sewing machine and notions
Embroidery needle and thread – colors of your choice
Frame and Mat

Things to do:
1. Cut your sweaters into large chunks and start playing with the arrangement of the pieces. The idea is to create a mish mash of colors and stitch them into a larger overall piece that can be trimmed to size later. So most of this will just be a rough guide.
2. Take two pieces of sweater material and sew them together along one edge. Open the pieces up and add another piece along the top, running over both previous pieces. Continue in this manner until you have a crazy quilt of sweater material that is bigger than the opening of your mat.
3. Using your embroidery thread, add decorative stitches along some of the seams. Alternatively, you can top stitch around the interior of some of the pieces or add a few trinkets or pieces of sewing trim (rick rack, sequins, etc) to add more color and interest. Or any combination of the three.
4. Once you are satisfied with the look of the piece, trim it to be slightly larger than the opening on the mat and secure it into place using glue or tape. Assemble your frame and hang up your new art for some cozy fun for your wall.

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