Upcycle: Coffee Can Baggie Dispenser

As much as I try my best to use reusable bags whenever I can, there are times when I just can’t avoid those pesky plastic sacks. Because of this I try to put the plastic ones to good use and to do that, I need to have a place to keep them together and organized. Enter the humble coffee can.

Things you’ll need:
Coffee can
Spray paint
Decorative decals (optional)
Craft knife

Things to do:
1. Remove the lid of the coffee can and set aside.

2. On a covered work surface, spray the can with thin coats of paint until enough has built up to cover the label on the can. Allow the paint to dry overnight or until hard.
3. Flip the lid over on a cutting surface and cut an X in the center of the lid.

4. Fill the can with bags and snap on the lid. Pull the bags through the top or add more by pushing them down through the top.

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  1. OH I like this one. But my coffee cans are plastic so will try something a little different. Will cover my can with Scrapbooking paper to match my kitchen. Thanks for the idea.