Unique Discoveries and Tips at Scott’s Antique Market with Eddie Ross

atlanta_expo_eddie_ross4Two of our buyers, Shari and Paul, were in Atlanta, Georgia looking for new products for our customers. While they were in Atlanta they were lucky enough to have some time to stop by Scott’s Antique Market, where they were able to spend time, learning shopping tips from Eddie Ross! You may remember Eddie from the HGTV blog post where he showed us how to make ornaments using old shirts. atlanta_expo_eddie_rossRoss, led the group on an amazing tour, through the antique market, looking at previously selected booths. The first stop was furniture, both upholstered and wood could be seen. During this time Ross showed how one could take a piece, restore it and paint it, and by doing so create a unique accent that no one else will have.
As they progressed from booth to booth, many items were passed, each with their own unique suggestions by Ross. For example, why not take old vintage linens, napkins…etc and mix them with new items. Doing this you can create a unique look by accenting the old with the new. Even better, what if you have a vintage rug that has seen better days? It was suggested one could use the undamaged parts to make pillows or even frame it for a unique piece of art.
Another favorite booth was Haute, who specializes in trim and fabric. These too can be turned into pillows or used for covering small objects. atlanta_expo_eddie_ross2However, by far the most fascinating booth was the “silver booth”, which included Tiffany Flatware and other vintage items. One piece in particular was astounding, a Tiffany Dessert Set, placed within the 1800’s, was priced at $49,000! And another was priced at $100,000! The booth could only be described by one word, decadent!
After the day was winded down, and after listening to many of Ross’s information tips, it is safe to say we are addicted to both Eddie Ross and Scott’s Antique Market. We can’t wait to do it all again, and hope you enjoy mixing and matching the old with the new to create a style you can call your own!atlanta_expo_eddie_ross3

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