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Twine Wrapped Candle

Spice up those boring pillar candles with a little twine and and a twist!

Things you’ll need:
Pillar candles
Hemp Twine
Craft Glue

Things to do:
1. Cut a six-inch length of twine and set aside.
2. Splay out the end of your twine and dab with glue. Press it onto the candle about 1/8 inch higher than you want the twine to start.
3. Hold the set aside piece of twine vertically on the opposite side of the candle from the glued twine end.
4. Pull the twine straight down (gently) and start to wrap, covering both the vertical length of twine and the splayed out end as you wrap.
5. Continue to wrap until you have covered about an inch of the candle.
6. Trim the end of the twine so that the wrapping ends about where it started. Splay out the end, dab with glue and tuck under the wraps with your fingernail. Allow the glue to dry.
7. Tie the vertical piece of twine in a knot so that it’s just tight enough to fit snugly around the wraps and trim the ends.

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