Tulle Ribbon Pompom

My little girl loves all things tutu. She draws them and reads books about little girls who wear them and wears them every chance she gets. So we end up with a lot of tulle around the house. And why not, it’s fun and fluffy and handy for wrapping up gifts or tying around hair, or making pompoms with. And once you have the (very simple) form made, these tulle pompoms are quick and simple to make. You can either cut tulle fabric into strips or, much easier, whip these up with tulle ribbon.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time to complete: 15 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Bowl and pencil

Things to do:
1. Trace a bowl onto the cardboard and draw a smaller circle in the center of it, your finished pompom will be about an inch smaller around than whatever size bowl you use. Cut the large circle out and then cut into the circle to remove the smaller one.

2. Wrap ribbon around the outer edge and tuck the ends into the slit to hold them in place.

3. Begin wrapping the tulle around the form until you’ve covered it from one end of the slit to the other.

4. When the form is covered, pull the tails of the first piece tightly so that it slips down to the inner edge of the wrappings.
5. Cut the outer edge of the wrappings, holding the tails tight, and tie in a tight knot.

6. Slip the pompom out of the form and trim any uneven edges.

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