Upcycling: T-shirt Yarn Necklace/Scarf

Necklace or scarf? Either way, this funky piece of recycling is a great way to use up some of that t-shirt yarn you made last time you cleaned out your closets and is a great way to add some interest to your winter wardrobe. Learn how to make the t-shirt yarn here.

Things you need:
1 ball of t-shirt yarn (from one large t-shirt. You could also make a thicker scarf with two balls)
Clear tape

Things to do:
1. Find a chair with a back that is about as wide as you want your necklace to be in terms of drop. 14 inches across the back of the chair is a great size.
2. Tape one end to the chair back near one edge.
Wrap the yarn with even tension around and around the chair until you have used up all but 2 feet of the yarn. Trim the end so that the two ends are at about the same spot.
3. Tie the two ends together. Remove the tape and slip the loops off of the chair.
4. Holding the loops in one hand, wrap the remaining yarn over the tied ends to cover and create a knot” in the necklace.
5. That’s it! Wear or share!

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  1. You could even Knit or Crochet a scarf with this idea. Wow, think of all the stuff you could make…
    Not just wearable stuff, but probably rugs, coasters, etc.

  2. this is how to make necklace right? so how do we make scarf from this w/o knit or crochet? thanks 🙂

    1. Hi! So sorry about the late response, but this is for both of them if that makes any sense. It can be a scarf or a necklace… just depends on how you looks at it. You could probably play around with the design though while keeping the concept so make more of a scarf shape.