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Tin Cans and Other Fun Wedding Traditions

wedding_carWhen it comes to weddings, some traditions are just too fun to pass by. Whether you’re tying the knot yourself or are friends with the special couple, why not add to the treasured memories of the day with a few of these time-honored customs?

Get-Away Car Wedding Cans
This quick and easy wedding craft can be whipped up before you say, I do.”
Tying cans to the back of the get-away car is a modern-day spin on the ancient tradition of making noise to ward off evil spirits, and we can’t think of a better use for salvaged tin cans. To make a strand, spray cans with a coat of gold metallic paint or silver glitter, then use a stout nail and hammer to punch holes in the bottom of the cans. Next, string cans together with lengths of ribbon.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Ever wonder about the meaning behind other wedding traditions? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular. Dating back to Victorian times, this wedding rhyme shares the recipe for good fortune” bridal attire:

Something old, Symbolizes the bride’s link with her family
Something new, Represents good fortune and success
Something borrowed, Brings good luck (especially if you borrow something that was previously used by a happy bride)
Something blue, Signifies purity and fidelity

Throwing Rice
The ancient tradition of throwing life giving seeds” at newlyweds was originally meant to bless the couple with many children. Today, the practice of throwing rice is frowned upon, so many newlyweds are ushered through their grand send-off in a flourish of bubbles instead.

Bride Standing to Left of Groom
This tradition dates back to the times when grooms would capture their brides by kidnapping. During the ceremony, the groom kept his bride on his left side so he would have his right hand free for easy access to his sword. Yikes!

Enjoy incorporating cultural or family traditions into your wedding ceremony!

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